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Hello, and welcome to MI – Clock Repair (aka, Michigan Clock Repair). My name is Jason – that’s me in the picture holding a tubular chime grandfather clock movement. I built this website so Michigan residents in need of clock repair can find me. However, this site also allows all clock repairpersons, regardless of locality, to enter their information so potential residents in their region in need of clock repair can find them.

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Jason Baumbach
Jason Baumbach
(810) 240-3211

3207 Park Drive , Apt 1
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48507
(810) 240-3211

About Info:
My parents owned the Palace Jewelers of Grand Blanc, Michigan. I learned the clock repair trade while going to school – highschool in the 1980s, undergrad in the 1990s, and finally, graduate school in the 2010s.

  • Accepting new work orders
  • Has 15 years of experience
  • Does house/service calls
  • Does in-house packing of grandfather clocks for shipping
  • Moves grandfather clocks from one address to another
  • Round trip max of 120 minutes
  • Repairs mechanical & battery operated clocks
Repairs mechanical & battery operated:
  • Tall case/Grandfather Clocks
  • Tubular Chime clocks
  • Cuckoo clocks
  • Atmos clocks
  • Anniversary clocks

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